Thursday, September 4, 2008

Link Wray - Link Wray (1971)


Link Wray is the self-titled 1971 album by pioneer Rock & Roll guitarist, and Shawnee Indian Link Wray. The album was recorded in an old chicken shack on Wray's Maryland farm, and is a passionate blend of Blues, Country, and Folk rock elements. The music is characterized by the purposeful use of simplified sounds to reflect the then-current vogue of blues and other "root" music being used in many rock bands. The recording included the use of a shaken can of pebbles as part of the percussion on several tracks. Still, Wray's guitar-work, composing and vocals reflected modern rock influences.

Make no mistake, this is not Wray in instrumental surf-guitar mode, but the man handling all the vocals, belting out greasy, back-porch, rock & roll gospel-blues. Straight up groovy.

Link Wray
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Anonymous said...

Hi ! Thanks for the posting ! I feel that this is one of his best 'Americana' records, despite the fact that Links manager brought it out, without the big L's approval. One wonder why though since the quality is topps. Thanks again !

LeeMJvd - NL